Human-centered Information for Decision-Making Processes of Future Space Designs

In this paper, we propose a Space Inventory Management System (SIMS) framework that incorporates digital and analog data types to identify tangible space feature compositions as driving forces for user comfort and space choices. With a combination of real-time data from 3D stereo cameras and manually collected data points using a digitally advanced tool named ARCGIS PRO, the proposed framework get applied on a real case – An extension of a cafeteria area at the HL Lindner College of Business, USA. With the higher aim to synthesize different modern data streams and create a robust platform for extracting space features and their importance on behavioral outcomes, this article demonstrates the more significant opportunity of feeding human-centered information into the decision-making processes of future space designs.

Authors: Anooshmita Das, Jay Sterling Gregg, Krister Jens, Mikkel Baun Kjærgaard
Status: Accepted/In press
Published year: 2020
Content type: Paper
Orbit ID: bd6fa083-8526-4607-ad83-2efdd8445ed8
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No. of pages: 7