Foresight for science and technology parks in a smart specialisation context

: T he purpose of this paper is to propose and discuss an alternative approach to the identification and selection of ‘transformative activities’ of smart specializing strategy by integrating the use of foresight, the concept of regional innovation system and science and technology parks. We used desk study, interview and Delphi method to collect data, develop in-depth anal yses and set policy priorities from experts in Songkhla province, Thailand. The practical outcomes imply the direction of promising technology evelopment, possible global megatrend, policy instruments at regional and science park level. T he contribution of the paper is an integrated analysis of the regional innovation system and science and technology park framework in an innovation system foresight process to initiate a smart specialisation strategy.

Authors:Amonpat Poonjan, Anne Nygaard Tanner, Per Dannemand Andersen
Status:Accepted/In press
Published year:2020
Content type:Article in proceedings
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No. of pages:15