UN Environment Emissions Gap Report

The Emissions Gap Reports are annual science-based assessments of the gap between countries’ pledges on greenhouse gas emissions reductions and the reductions required to deliver a global temperature increase of below 2°C by the end of this century.

Each year the reports also feature assessment of key opportunities for bridging the gap. The reports have gained wide reputation as a scientifically authoritative source of timely and policy relevant information to key decision-makers, informing the UNFCCC process, and – looking forward – the implementation of the Paris Agreement.

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) has managed the production of UN Environment’s flagship report on climate change – the Emissions Gap Report – since 2011. The latest 2018 report was released in December 2018.

UNEP DTU Partnership staff act as secretariat to the different parties involved in the preparation of the report, contribute to drafting the executive summary of it, author sections of it and run the editorial process. UDP is furthermore involved in outreach and communication of key findings of the reports.

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