Sustainable Development Initiative on the Implementation of Article 6 of the Paris Agreement under the UNFCCC process

Assisting in implementation of sustainable development through the Paris Agreement

The aim of the Sustainable Development Initiative (SDI) is to explore Party and stakeholder views on options to assist with the implementation of the sustainable development provisions for Article 6. Based on technical work, research and analysis, options for guidance, rules, modalities and procedures to operationalize the Article 6 sustainable development provisions have been presented and discussed with Parties and stakeholders in advance of COP25 in Madrid.

UNEP DTU Partnership and the Gold Standard, with support from Belgium, Finland, Germany, Liechtenstein, Norway and Sweden hosted a series of six moderated roundtable discussions in 2018 to analyse stakeholder views on the options to operationalise sustainable development provisions in the implementation of Article 6 within the UNFCCC process.

The negotiations at COP25 aim to conclude the rulebook on Article 6. The rulebook is an important opportunity to establish a framework for the required knowledge sharing on tools and approaches to promote SD in Article 6. The SDI is recommending the launch of a work programme to develop a voluntary tool or approach that addresses SD assessment.

Read the full position paper for COP25 here.

In addition to the position paper, the SDI has also published three articles in Carbon Mechanisms Review:

Further research and analysis is available below.

Views on Sustainable Development provisions in the Art. 6 ‘rulebook’ draft from COP25 in Madrid

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Sustainable Development Initiative for Article 6 of the Paris Agreement

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