CDM Green Facility

Building capacity and integrating climate change mitigation on national development

The Green Facility project supported sub-Saharan African countries become more engaged in the Clean Development Mechanism (CMD) market by focusing on project development and capacity building, laying the groundwork for long-term CDM investments. It was designed and implemented by UNEP DTU Partnership.

The objectives of the project were:

  1. Conduct a rapid capacity building needs assessment in the countries, and identify key stakeholders who could benefit from a targeted capacity building program.
  2. Establish solid understanding of national economic development planning process and the key stakeholders involved in its formulation.
  3. Integrate CDM and climate change mitigation in the national economic development planning.
  4. Organize one CDM workshops in the countries.
  5. Produce a portfolio of Project Idea Notes and identify which of these would be developed into Project Design Documents.
  6. Advise the Designated National Authorities on Sustainable Development Criteria for project review/approval process.

Green Facility involved local consultants, engaged to do much of the work involved and was a Danida-funded contribution to the “Nairobi Framework on capacity building for CDM” announced at the COP in Nairobi in 2006.

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