EERA JP e3s – Economic, Environmental and Social Impacts of the Energy Transition

An alliance of European institutions that coordinate research on the complex interactions in socio-technical-economic systems to support a sustainable and just energy transition.

EERA JP e3s was launched in 2013 as a crosscutting Joint Programme (JP) of the European Energy Research Alliance (EERA). EERA JP e3s sets out to understand the complex interactions in socio-technical-economic systems, which include, among other things, consumer behavior and engagement, market dynamics, collective action, innovation and technological change, and policy frameworks. EERA JP e3s recognizes the need for systemic thinking, understanding of social engagement and impacts, R&D priorities and implementation strategies, and policy support. The goal of EERA JP e3s is to promote an energy transition where people and society are at the heart of solving our climate and ecological challenges by providing timely, high quality, rigorous research results that support policy making within our respective member states and across the European Union. EERA JP e3s provides a platform for timely dissemination of key research results and has been instrumental in organizing high-level policy workshops in Brussels.

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Focus area: Climate Planning and Policy

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Jay Sterling Gregg

Senior Researcher