Eng. Joseph K. Njoroge MBS, Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Energy and Mark Lister, senior strategic advisor from UNEP DTU Partnership, with the new five-year agreement. Photo: Kenya Ministry of Energy

Kenya Unveils Ambitious Action Plan for Energy Efficiency and Conservation

It marks the beginning of the implementation of Kenya’s energy efficiency plan, developed with support from UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre

May 12th, 2022

UNEP-CCC hosts students from DIS Study Abroad

Students were introduced to science-based advisory and the role of the UNEP in helping countries to implement the Paris Agreement and achieve SDG7

May 6th, 2022

From left: Minister of Environment, Lea Wermelin, Executive Director Inger Andersen, HRH the Crown Prince and Head of UN City Communications Flemming Johannesen. Credit: Thomas Frøde

Copenhagen Climate Centre formally opens under collaboration of UNEP and UNOPS

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre officially joins the UN family, stepping up work to achieve Paris Agreement targets and SDGs

April 27th, 2022

UN City, credit: Adam Mørk

Official opening of the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre

HRH The Crown Prince of Denmark joins the launch of the UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre

April 25th, 2022

Experiences from preparing gender responsive TNAs

New briefing note presents and discusses key trends and insights regarding efforts to mainstream gender considerations in the TNA process.

April 22nd, 2022

IPCC WGIII front page pic

IPCC: The time for action is now

New IPCC report presents latest climate evidence with a clear message: We can halve emissions by 2030. The UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre has contributed to chapters on Transport and Sustainability.

April 4th, 2022

How to invest in distributed clean power

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre laid out options and strategies for Argentine municipalities to invest in clean power during national Municipal Energy Management Training Program.

March 31st, 2022

Sustainable development successfully included in Article 6 rulebook

Policy recommendations to promote sustainable development in Article 6 activities were included in the rulebook agreed at COP26

March 23rd, 2022

Build Back Better: Using Green and Digital Technologies to Reduce Food Waste at Consumer Level

How can we use green technologies to reduce food waste, and what policies are needed to get things moving?

March 21st, 2022

Kenya LPG solar EPC hybrid pilot. Image credit - Jon Leary (MECS) 2020

How to attract climate finance for clean cooking

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre provided Malawian stakeholders with strategic guidance on how to attract climate finance for clean cooking technologies

March 17th, 2022

KU students, March 2022

UNEP Copenhagen Climate Centre hosts Global Environmental Governance course

Students from the University of Copenhagen visited UN City for a special session on climate action and the role of the UN

March 3rd, 2022

UN City. Photo: Adam Mørk

UNEP establishes Copenhagen Climate Centre in collaboration with UNOPS

UNEP DTU Partnership becomes a new centre, stepping up implementation of UNEP's climate change strategy and energy programme and working towards a climate-resilient and low carbon future

March 1st, 2022