UDP is looking for a partner (an institution/firm) in India to implement the ICAT Phase 2 in India (Re-tendering)

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is one of the implementing partners of the Initiative for Climate Action Transparency (ICAT) to provide capacity-building activities in developing countries, which includes application of the methodological frameworks developed by ICAT and build institutional capacity in the countries to assess the impacts of their policies and actions to meet their NDCs commitments and bring greater quality, trust and ambition to climate policies.  UDP is currently implementing    ICAT Phase 2 projects in a few selected countries that includes India. The objective of the ICAT Phase 2 project in India is to build upon Phase 1 work and provide policymakers and other stakeholders tools and capacity building at a state level to evaluate the impact of policies and actions so that they will be able to effectively report on their progress towards achieving domestic and global climate targets under Paris agreement. UDP is looking for a partner  (an institution/firm) in India to implement the ICAT Phase 2 in India and invites proposals for the same.

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Duration of assignment

Expected starting date:  Second week of December  2021.

Completion date:  30 November 2022.

Clarifications request deadline:  25 November, 2021

(All clarifications requested will be circulated to all the bidders who express interest and intend to submit a bid)

Bid receipt deadline: 29 November 2021

Required documents:

  1. A technical proposal containing the following items; (i) A short background of the applicant (2-3  pages), (ii) Understanding of the assignment and the proposed approach (iii) A list of 5- 10 relevant projects/assignments with a brief description, budget, role, timeline, client etc. (no more than half page for each project), (iii) A list of best reports/publications (max. 20) that illustrate applicants capability in the areas indicated in “Qualifications” in the TOR. A summary of each report/publication in a few lines (in no more than 1/3 page for each) is desirable; (iv). Short CVs of key team members (no more than 2 pages for each).
  2. Financial proposal with a break-up of expert costs  (experts, their number of days and costs), workshop costs including stakeholder consultations and capacity building workshop costs, travel and other misc. costs.

Please submit your bid to

Jyoti Prasad Painuly, Senior Researcher, UDP at jypa@dtu.dk with a copy to;

Denis DR Desgain, Climate Change Expert, Head of Mitigation Analysis and Data Management ddes@dtu.dk

Application deadline: 29/11/2021