Invitation for Bids for the Translation of the “Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis Report”

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is implementing the “Kigali Cooling Assessment Project” for the United Nations Environment Programme and has brought out the UNEP/IEA joint publication “Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis Report” as a part of the  project. This publication needs to be brought out in other UN languages.

Download Terms of Reference


Arabic, Spanish, French, and Chinese translations of the published synthesis report (excluding the reference list).

Required qualifications

This bid is open to individuals and translation firms. The translator for each language is expected to meet the following qualification criteria:

  • Proficient translator  of the target language
  • Familiar with the style of policy documents of the United Nations
  • Experienced in translation of policy documents.


The translation needs to be finished within 3 weeks (21 days) from the date of contract award.

Application procedures

The bids should be submitted electronically (through email) with the following documents;

  1. Financial bid as required by the TOR
  2. Sample translation page from the report as indicated in the TOR
  3. Supporting documents, such as CVs of translators, company/translator’s relevant experience, and relevant samples of translations.

The translator will be selected based on qualifications, quality of the sample translation, and total price. The translator needs to translate the document within the agreed timeframe (max. three weeks). The translation fee payment will be made upon UDP’s acceptance of the translated documents. In case the translated document contains major quality issues, UDP reserves the right to cancel the contract or require revision by the translator.

All bids shall be sent to by 16. December; 17.00 hrs  (CEST). Bids received after the deadline will be disregarded.

Terms of Reference

  1. Translation of the “Cooling Emissions and Policy Synthesis Report“, excluding references,  in Arabic, Spanish, French, and Chinese. The original document can be provided in Word, PDF or InDesign format.
    The word count of the Report  (excluding reference list) is 13,110. The references will be retained in English in the translated documents.
  2. The applicant needs to submit the bid, which should at least include the following information;

a) Rate and the total amount of the translation task. If more than one target language is covered,   please specify the price for each language separately;

b) A sample of the translation for page 32 of the document (with the picture of a young woman taking a tomato from a cooling rack);

c) Price for proofreading by the translator;

d) The format of the translated document can be Word or InDesign. Indicate if there is a difference in price in the quotation;

Application deadline: 16/12/2020