Consultancy Work on Captive PV Solar Market Study, and Support activities for facilitating workshops and Partnership facilitation support in Uganda

The TEMARIN project (see here for more) is a three-year, DANIDA (Danish Development Agency) funded project covering the countries of Kenya and Uganda with the overall aim to support countries in accelerating the transfer, diffusion and uptake of specific climate technologies. The project focus is on strengthening domestic markets for climate technologies, removing bottlenecks for domestic firms operating in these markets and increasing cooperation among private actors, public actors and international actors to build global and national partnerships for upscaling implementation.

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The aim in this assignment is to generate relevant market knowledge and insights in newer solar PV market segments, particularly captive PV but also a scope to extend it to solar water pumps (for irrigation). This will be carried out in consultation with a broad set of stakeholders relevant to the market segments. The market insights are targeted to support the private sector operating in this emerging PV areas but also generate awareness for investors/financiers and policymakers with regard to the different aspects of this market (future potential and existing challenges) and scope for furthering support. Subsequently, this would be supplemented also with an exploration and mapping of potential partnership opportunities.

The assignment includes:

  • Analytical Component including data collection, interviews and surveys, critical analyses, report writing, generating new and relevant market knowledge;
  • Workshop Support Component – facilitating stakeholder workshops for co-creating ideas and action plans
  • Partnership Component – Joint partnership facilitation support for climate mitigation technologies building on market insights

Qualifications and Skills

The consultants, a consultancy firm, or a team led by a lead consultant should have the following qualifications/skills:


  • Degree in renewable energy, environment, climate mitigation, policy or related field
  • 7-10 years’ experience and knowledge in the clean energy sector in Uganda/East Africa, including conducting market assessments, writing analytical reports, policy recommendations, and developing roadmaps/action plans
  • Experience of coordinating and engaging with multiple actors in the solar PV sector
  • Experience in conducting detailed interviews and surveys.
  • Proficient analytical and writing skills and excellent English communication skills
  • Good oratory skills in the local language including Swahili and/or Bantu, or other local dialects

Highly Desirable

  • Postgraduate degree in renewable energy, or climate related fields
  • Experience in the areas of market advisory, technology diffusion, market research analysis, understand of the role of private sector

Knowledge of and experience with donor projects/programs


 The contract period is 11 months from 25 January 2021 to 20 December 2021.

Application Procedure

Interested consultants (including independent consultants, consultancy firm or a team led by a lead consultant) should submit their application to the TEMARIN team – Padmasai Lakshmi B, at with copy to Mathilde Brix Pedersen Please make sure to include the following information:

  • A cover letter demonstrating experience and knowledge in the clean energy sector including knowhow of the relevant actors, ongoing initiatives and problem areas.
  • Detailed CV along with summary of relevant projects and initiatives you have been a part of and your specific role within them.
  • 1-pager write-up on preliminary ideas, reflections, and thoughts on your approach to this work and activities indicated in this ToR.


The deadline for submitting proposals is 18th January 2021. Interviews with shortlisted candidates will take place the following week.

Application deadline: 18/01/2021