Call for proposals – Consultancy, Antigua and Barbuda

1.  Background

UNEP DTU Partnership is providing support to the Government of Antigua and Barbuda in the implementation of their Capacity Building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT) project, with funds from the Global Environment Facility (GEF) for enhanced transparency activities. The GEF funded CBIT project runs between 2020 to 2022 with the objective to promote mainstreaming of NDC monitoring, reporting and verification into domestic systems and strengthen institutional capacity to enable routine, concurrent and participatory monitoring processes that enhance transparency under the Paris Agreement. Under this, UNEP DTU Partnership will provide support in various areas, whereof one is to mainstream gender considerations into the transparency system.

For this purpose, a consultant will contribute to support this process as per the attached terms of reference.

Click to download the full Terms of Reference

2.  Objective

The objective of the consultancy is to provide technical support to implement two outputs as per the terms of reference, in close collaboration with the national CBIT team, the UNEP DTU team, and other relevant stakeholders working on climate issues in Antigua and Barbuda.

3.  Scope of work

The consultant is expected to coordinate and develop the outputs in the terms of reference, which include to develop a gender action plan and to develop gender sensitive indicators for the country.

Activities of consultant include to develop the Gender Action Plan, to collaborate with other experts to develop gender sensitive National Determined Contribution (NDC) indicators as per the attached terms of reference. It also includes a travel to Antigua and Barbuda (given that the current situation with the covid-19 pandemic allows it, and it is responsible to travel), and funds for outreach materials.

The work also includes to review and address all comments on project documents, proposed responses and ensure that the documents are developed timely and with high quality.

Ensure that all activities are aligned with national priorities and coordinated with on-going projects in the country. The consultant will conduct initial consultations with stakeholders in the concerned ministries, government departments, private sector and other relevant organizations to collect data and information available.

4.  Deliverables

There are several sub-deliverables which are specified in the terms of reference. The main deliverables include:

  • Collaborative first draft of the report with NDC indicators. Due March 2021.
  • Revised report, incorporating comments and stakeholder inputs and other reviews, paying specific attention to the gender-sensitive issues and challenges that the stakeholders identified. Due June 2021.
  • Gender Action Plan that fits the gender-climate intersection of Antigua & Barbuda. Due August 2021.
  • Outreach material that will serve to teach and expand the reach of the Gender Action Plan. Due September 2021.

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) will review all written deliverables before being finalized. This includes: i) all reports to be drafted; ii) UDP reserves sufficient time to review in detail and provide feedback; and iii) UDP will sign‐off on final version. UDP ‘s role will be to review final outputs, offer feedback, and ensure coherence with CBIT guidelines and best practices.

5.  Qualifications and skills

The appointed consultant should be in possession of:

  • At least a bachelor degree (20%) in gender studies, environmental management, international relations or social sciences.
  • In-depth knowledge about climate transparency, the Enhanced Transparency Framework within the Paris Agreement, and the progress and challenges countries in the Caribbean and Latin America are facing in meeting the new requirements. (15%)
  • In-depth knowledge of Antigua and Barbuda’s NDC (10%)
  • In-depth knowledge about gender issues within climate projects (25%)
  • Experience with collaborating with other actors in the regions, including actors in Latin America (10%)
  • Proficient analytical and writing skills and excellent English and Spanish communication skills (20%)

Experience with climate change mitigation and/or adaptation projects in Antigua & Barduba will be given preference.

6.  Working arrangements

The consultant will be working from home. One in-country mission is required to be organized by the consultant.

7.  Budget

The budget allocated for this consultancy is USD 28,000 to be paid in stages, subject to satisfactory deliverables.

There is also USD 2,500 available for a country mission (UNEP DTU Partnerships travel rules apply, and journey is to be arranged through its system), and 3,000 USD in reimbursable expenses for outreach material.

8.  Duration

The contract period is expected to last 14 months from the day the contract is signed (with a complete dedication).

9.  Languages

Fluency in written and oral English and Spanish is required to prepare satisfactorily the documents and organize the activities.

10.  Application deadline

21th August 2020

11.  Requirements (in Spanish or English)

  • CV
  • A description (1 to 2 pages) of:
    1. the approach that the consultant would take to cover the tasks mentioned above and
    2. the way the consultant would engage with the national

To apply for this position, please email Per Wretlind (

Application deadline: 21/08/2020