Call for Expert Consultant to increase local access to and upgrading in clean energy value chains in Kenya

A local Consultant, with strong knowledge of the renewable energy sector as well as strong links into the relevant policy making fora is being recruited to support the agenda of advancing local value capture in the renewable energy sector in Kenya.

UNEP DTU Partnership has launched the three year TEMARIN project to support local access to and upgrading in clean energy value chains in Kenya and Uganda. The aim is to explore the conditions under which local private companies can increase their share of the global value chain for specific climate technologies – and support them in doing so – in order to maximise local job creation and reduce investment project costs. The project will – together with local stakeholders – map available skills in selected sectors as well as skills gaps and explore cases studies of local firms who have successfully grown their business and managed to move into higher value added activities. Findings and recommendations on how to support such upgrading – including needed initiatives and policies – will be made available to both public and private sector decision-making processes.

The Consultant will be responsible for conducting high quality research including methodology development, data collection, analytical work and reporting as well as event organisation, stakeholder management and communication.

The Consultant will work closely with a Communication and Advocacy Consultant recruited under a separate call and will be reporting to the UNEP DTU Partnership Country Manager for Kenya.

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Profile and Skills

The Consultant should

  • Be a strong research institution with access to a team of researchers with demonstrated skills and experience in conducting similar work of outstanding quality
  • Have knowledge of climate technologies, in particular of the solar industry in Kenya.
  • Have knowledge of policies at national level including national development objectives and sector policies.
  • Have good understanding of the local context and well-established networks in the country.
  • Possess excellent writing and analytical capabilities as well as excellent communication, coordination and facilitation skills.
  • Have demonstrated ability to mobilise and maintain high-level engagement and partnerships within government, private sector and the multilateral development organisations.

Working Arrangement

The Consultant will be contracted directly by the UNEP DTU Partnership. The Consultant will be based in Nairobi.


All working papers, draft reports and Final Report should be prepared and submitted in soft copies in English Language.

Selection Process and Selection Criteria

The selection process will be carried out by the UNEP DTU Partnership. The selection will be based on the following criteria: relevant qualifications, experiences and skills as well as an evaluation of the application where the Consultant is expected to describe how they will conduct the assignment as laid out in the ToR. The application should also highlight how the assignment fits in the portfolio of existing work being done by the institution as well as how synergies between this project and ongoing work by the institution can be obtained.

Application Procedure                                                                                                                                      

To express your interest, send an application including CVs of the team to conduct the assignment and addresses for 3 references. Send the application to the UDP Kenya Country Manager, Mathilde Brix Pedersen at by 11 September 2019.

Applications received after application deadline on 11 September 2019 will not be considered.

Application deadline: 11/09/2019


Application deadline: 11/09/2019