Call for bids for the assistance on the implementation of the project ‘KjuonGo, a digital revolution for sustainable fuel wood in Cambodia’

UNEP DTU Partnership has received funding from the Nordic Climate Facility for the implementation of a project that aims to establish sustainable production of charcoal in Cambodia in an effort to reduce and ultimately eliminate the illegal production of charcoal from unsustainable sources. The project addresses the entire value chain from wood production in community forests through efficient charring to packaging, marketing and distribution. Based on an application developed with funding from UNDP, the project and the product named KjuonGo integrates the stakeholders in the value chain through an IT based tracking system that ensures full documentation of the sustainability of the value chain.

Objective/outputs of the assignment

The assignment has the overall objective to ensure the smooth implementation of the project by supporting the project team to ensure the following:

  • obtain all necessary permits and authorizations from the Forest Administration and other relevant authorities for the full formalization of Kjuongo’s existing activities and partners
  • provide technical and institutional support to involved community forests and charcoal producers to ensure appropriate practices and coordination along the supply chain
  • validate the plantation models in existing community forests where replanting activities on plots identified as highly degraded have been initiated
  • mainstream the community forest registration process with the Forest Administration at national and local level and provide guidelines all authorizations required to harvest, process, transport and sell fuelwood
  • assist in building a pipeline of minimum 1,000ha of land eligible for the proposed plantation model.

Required qualifications

The assignment requires deep understanding of the administration of Cambodia’s forests through the Forest Administration and other relevant authorities and a close working relationship with the Forest Administration. It requires excellent relations to community forest groups and understanding of their challenges and needs as well as insights into the charcoal manufacture and its basis in Cambodia. It further requires expertise related to the legal basis for both community and private forestry in Cambodia, financing models and conditions for and legality of fuel wood production.


The duration of the work is 14 months with a possibility of 3 months extension. Work is to commence at the earliest possible date after April 1st 2020.

Application procedure

Please send your bid in two separate emails – one email with technical proposal (maximum 4 pages excluding CVs and any references) attached and email with the commercial proposal (price bid) attached. Please mark in the ‘Subject’ line ‘KjuonGo technical bid’ and ‘KjuonGo commercial bid’ respectively. Do not repeat any of the content of the attachments in the emails.

Please submit your bid describing how you would provide the required support and the (separate) breakdown of the costs to Soren Lütken,

Application deadline: 02/04/2020

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