Call for a Senior Consultant to formulate the GEF CEO Endorsement document of the Thailand CBIT Project

UNEP DTU Partnership is seeking to hire a short term Consultant (Individual or a Firm) to develop the project document according to the CEO Endorsement format of the GEF and UN Environment for the CBIT Project in Thailand.

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Background to the assignment

As part of the Paris Agreement, Parties to the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) agreed to establish a Capacity-building Initiative for Transparency (CBIT). The goal of the CBIT is to strengthen the institutional and technical capacities of developing countries to meet the enhanced transparency requirements of the Paris Agreement. Following COP 21, the GEF established the CBIT with high levels of donor support and engagement of stakeholders and countries within a year.

The government of Thailand, in coordination with UN Environment, which acts in this case as the GEF’s Implementing Agency, is preparing for the implementation of a CBIT project. The project establishes 4 components, as detailed below:

  1. Strengthening data collection processes and data quality for Greenhouse Gases (GHG) inventory preparation
  2. Strengthening tracking and reporting of mitigation actions for NDC implementation
  3. Enhancing tracking of support for NDC implementation
  4. Strengthening of transparency framework for adaptation actions and resilience building

Project activities are currently in the process of preparing the document that contains the details of the gaps that the project will seek to address and the consequent activities, goals, and indicators that the project will achieve. In this context, the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is supporting UN Environment and the government of Thailand as a strategic partner in climate action transparency efforts.

Duration of assignment:

24 February to 25 May 2020.

Budget available:

10,000 USD

Qualifications of consultant:

  1. a) National or international professional in economics, law, environmental engineering or related careers.
  2. b) (Desirable) Postgraduate studies in environmental issues or others associated with the topics of the consultancy.
  3. c) Demonstrated work experience with entities of the public sector in topics related to the formulation and evaluation of projects on environmental management, climate change, disaster risk management, and other related issues.
  4. d) Knowledge of the institutional and legal framework related to climate change, public investment and the implementation of NDCs in the country.
  5. e) Work experience with decision-makers for the subscription of agreements and development of public-private cooperation processes.
  6. f) Knowledge of oral and written English language
  7. h) (Desirable) Fluent in Thai language (preferably native speaker)

 Application deadline:

February 19, 2020 (5 PM Central European Time)

Required documents:

CV, relevant references, letter (INCLUDING A TIMELINE WITH TASKS AND DELIVERABLES) describing how you would provide the required support and breakdown of the costs.

Please submit your bid to Gerardo Sanchez at

Application deadline: 19/02/2020