Call for a Consortium of Experts as National Technical Institution (NTI) to support the NDC Action Project – Bangladesh

UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) is looking to recruit a consortium of experts as National Technical Institution with specialization in coastal resilience building policies and investment mobilization to support the NDC Action Project in Bangladesh. Experts in the consortium should preferably be locals and working in universities, research and/or technical institutions in Bangladesh. The consortium of experts as National Technical Institution (NTI) will provide in-country specialist/technical expertise and support in the NDC Action Project working jointly with other international and local project counterparts, including the Government of Bangladesh.

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Background to the assignment

The project: “NDC Action – Facilitating implementation of climate-resilient and low-carbon development aligned with national and global goals” (termed “NDC Action”) supports efforts by ten partner countries including Bangladesh, to translate NDCs into strategies and actions ready for financing and implementation. It builds on three core principles: country ownership, balanced focus between adaptation and mitigation, and integration with national development and climate change priorities.

The Project is coordinated by UNEP’s Economy Division and implemented with the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) providing technical and expert support. Locally, the project is conducted under the technical and political guidance of the Department of Environment (DoE) under the Ministry of Environment, Forestry and Climate Change (MoEFCC). The consortium of experts or the National Technical Institution with expertise in Renewable Energy in Special Economic Zones will work directly with and answer to the UNEP DTU Partnership (UDP) and the Government of Bangladesh. The consortium comprising of experts or National Technical Institution Experts will help guide and support the work in Bangladesh in coastal resilience building areas. The NTI Experts will provide technical assistance on policies and programme development. Technical assistance delivered jointly with national technical partners will:

i) Strengthen the institutions responsible for implementing NDCs;

ii) Help engage the private sector and local financial institutions;

iii) Translate NDCs into a portfolio of policies and programmes for the promotion of low-cost climate-proofed housing in coastal areas;

iv) Develop investment plans in the abovementioned sector; and

v) Share lessons learned so NDC priorities are considered in complementarity across sectors to maximize climate and socioeconomic benefits.

In Bangladesh, the Consortium of Experts or the NTI Experts will contribute to the project through the implementation of a work plan, including a variety of activities and deliverables relevant to the project, as indicated by the government of Bangladesh during that period. The work of the Consortium of Experts or the NTI Experts is aimed to be flexible but also to provide support as defined in the annual programmes of the Bangladeshi NDC Action Project in order to generate the stipulated different products.

Duration of assignment: Up to 21 months with an interim evaluation in January 2023 to assess whether to keep the contract based on performance and budget availability. The expected end date of the project is Sep. 2023.

Location: Bangladesh

Qualifications, Profile and Skills:

The tenderer must be a Bangladeshi organization.

The tenderer must present CVs for a Project Lead and a pool of specialists drawn from internal resources to accomplish the activities and deliverables defined, alongside the number of hours for each specialist available for the project that can be allocated to develop the different elements of the annual programme.

The assembled team must include expertise on coastal community’s resilience building, policy making, financing and investment.

Qualifications for Project Lead

General Qualifications:

  • Higher academic degree in engineering, science, environment, economics, climate or a related field;
  • At least 10 years of expertise in climate adaptation. However, expertise in both climate mitigation and adaptation is preferable.

Adequacy for the Assignment:

  • Demonstrate at least 7 years of experience on public and/or climate finance and policy design issues with national governments and international organizations on international and national development in the context of climate change and sustainable development.
  • A profile with significant technical assistance, capacity development and project management experience, including management of short-term specialist inputs on a demand basis;
  • Demonstration of technical knowledge and project delivery in climate resilience policies and financing;
  • Prior experience in working with relevant government ministries on climate change issues and good network of national public and private sector actors;
  • Experience in monitoring projects, results-based management, and reporting;
  • Professional experience with one or more of the areas outlined in the ToR.


All working papers, draft reports and Final Report should be prepared and submitted in soft and hard copies in English Language.

Selection Process and Selection Criteria

The selection process will be carried out by UDP. The selection criteria will be based on the strength of the CVs of experts in the consortium, as well as the quality of the technical and financial proposals including a description of how the Consultant will conduct the assignment.

Application Procedure

To submit your application, the lead expert in the Consortium of experts or in the NTI experts should send a complete application:

  • including the CVs of all members of his consortium;
  • the technical proposal on how they plan to undertake the task; and
  • financial proposal showing total costs, including all taxes.

The complete application should be sent by the lead expert in the Consortium of experts or in the NTI to all the following contacts: Myung-Kyoon Lee ( and Alejandro Regatero Labadia (

Application deadline: November 26th 2021 at 17:00 (Central European Time).

Applications received after the deadline will not be considered.

Application deadline: 26/11/2021